Virtual Event - Experience What It Is Like to be Homeless

Donations Benefit FPSC

Have you ever had to spend a night without a bed? If you’re lucky, the answer is no. But, many families right here in in the Northern Shenandoah Valley will go to sleep tonight in a tent, the back seat of their car or even hidden in an abandoned house. With the consequences of the pandemic upon us, not only is help needed now, but many families will need help in the months and years to come. 

That's why, with your help, Family Promise of Shenandoah County is dreaming big and inviting you to join us.  From Sept. 21 through Oct. 12, we are holding our first Night Without a Bed virtual event. We're challenging you and your family to spend one nor more nights without your bed and spread the word about family homelessness in our community.

  • WATCH the video.

  • DEFINE your team (just you or include your family).

  • REGISTER here.

  • CHALLENGE your friends, neighbors, classmates, church buddies to establish a team.

  • SIGN UP sponsors for your team.

  • FIND a place to sleep that is creative & challenges your comfort for one night (or more).

  • CHECK OUT these resources to learn more about homelessness during this event.

  • TAKE PHOTOS or videos and tag us on Facebook.

  • WIN prizes for the team with most donations and the most creative and challenging sleeping arrangement.

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