Network of Churches

Family Promise of Shenandoah County provides a family-centered approach to assist families in overcoming homelessness. We do this through a network of host, support, and partner congregations with one common goal: to provide food and shelter to children and their families and help them get back on their feet.


Host congregations take turns 4 times per year hosting guests in their buildings evenings and overnights for one week at a time.  Family Promise provides cots and bedding, and most congregations set up their educational rooms as temporary bedrooms for each of the guest families. Host congregations must have enough space to host up to 4 separate families — up to fourteen people — at a time. Showers and laundry facilities are available at the Family Center, so it is not necessary for congregations to have these amenities.

Support congregations work with host congregations by providing volunteer support.  Duties are divided between or among host congregations and support congregations. Typically, each will provide an evening meal prepared by volunteers from the congregation for 2-4 evenings during the week, provide fellowship with guests during dinner and evening hours for 2-4 evenings during the week, 2 volunteers to stay overnight with guests for 2-4 nights during the week, and assistance with gathering continental breakfast and packed lunch supplies for the families.

Partner congregations, like Host and Support congregations, support Family Promise of Shenandoah County by providing volunteer support at the Family Center, financial and/or in-kind services, promote and support fundraising events and consider adding Family Promise of Shenandoah County to their annual church budget.

Host congregations are responsible for setting up the temporary bedrooms, cleaning and rearranging after the Family Promise guests have moved to the next congregation. The Family Promise van driver will transport the cots and help to set them up and take them out of the congregation every Sunday and transport to the next congregation.

Each host and support congregation has a Volunteer Coordinator to communicate with the Executive Director and/or Case Manager and to schedule volunteers.  The host congregation’s Volunteer Coordinator communicates directly with the support congregation’s Volunteer Coordinator to work out a schedule for each hosting week, agree on procedures, and familiarize support volunteers with the building.

The Family Promise of Shenandoah County staff works closely with the congregations throughout the process, and is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Networking congregations are welcome to and often support Family Promise of Shenandoah County financially through their budgets, but this is not a requirement.

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