What We Do

Family Promise provides a family-centered approach to assist families in overcoming homelessness. 


Our goal is to provide food and shelter to children and their families and help them get back on their feet. Overnight shelter is provided by our network of host churches where breakfast and dinner are served.  Our family center provides a safe place for families to gather before work or school.  Parents can care for their small children, search for housing or jobs, make phone calls, and network with existing service agencies that may help with their needs.


​Families arrive at Family Promise in crisis.  Often, they have left all of their belongings behind and do not even have the basic necessities such as diapers, clothes, toiletries, medications, etc.  Benefits such as SNAP and WIC have been lost due to frequent moves and the family’s lack of a permanent address.  It often takes several weeks to get these benefits back in place.  When parents see that FPSC can help with these items, they become more relaxed, stand taller, begin to actively participate in life again and are ready to begin the work of “rebuilding” with our case manager.


​Case management is an on-going service that starts the minute the family calls FPSC and does not stop even after the family moves into permanent house. 

In-Program Support​:  The family will work with the Case Manager to discuss barriers, needs, and goals. Together they will design a Life Management Plan to outline goals and list the steps that need to be taken by the family to achieve those goals. These may include gaining employment, life skills and budgeting help, medical and public assistance benefits, attaining transportation, using thrift store vouchers for personal items, saving their food stamps and 75% of their income for future housing. These skills are what lead our families to regaining and maintaining self-sufficiency and independence. 

After-Program Support:  ​Families are free to call FPSC at any time after they leave the program. Continued support can be provided in several ways. Families can come back to the Family Center and use our laundry facilities. We can also provide additional toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, paper towels, toilet paper and household supplies and goods if needed.


Family Mentoring is available to families as they exit the program.  Through Open Table families will be paired with a group of caring, trained volunteers who will work with the family for up to a year to form a relationship, work on life skills/goals, and connect the family to community resources.


Affordable housing is very scarce in Shenandoah County.  Last year we began working with a landlord who owns a house with two apartments.  As of November 1, 2018, thanks to a generous donation, we assumed the lease on the first apartment and some faithful volunteers helped fix up the place. One of our graduate families moved into the apartment in December and is very thankful to be working toward a self-sustaining lifestyle.   On April 1, 2019, we assumed the lease on the second apartment in the house.  Another graduate family of our FPSC program was so ready to be in their own place, they took on the “fixer-upper” work themselves.  The transitional housing is available to our client families for up to two years to help them transition from homelessness into housing they can sustain.  They will pay part of the expenses (with periodic rent increases) and will learn to budget, plan and maintain their own place with "training wheels.” We are praying for God’s direction regarding the next steps of the transitional housing program.

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