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What We Do

Family Promise provides a family-centered approach to assist families in overcoming homelessness.


  • Not diverting families from homelessness but providing options to shelter

  • helps families work toward permanent housing solutions and continue to live as independent, happy, and healthy families.

  • Call 540-459-4599.  We will ask for information found on the Intake Form.


  • A variety of strategies to ensure that families do not fall into the cycle of housing instability.

  • Assistance includes rent, utilities, and other basic needs such as phone cards, gas cards, and assistance with childcare.

  • Call 540-459-4599 for more information


  • Continued support and wrap-around services to families

  • Case management is an on-going service that continues even after the family moves into permanent housing.

  • Families are free to call FPSC at any time after they leave the program.

  • Continued support includes goal setting, budgeting assistance, using our laundry facilities, obtaining supplies when the paycheck runs out before the month, and moral support.


  • We have funds provided on a case-to-case basis to place families for a limited time in local motels.

  • Families can enter one of our three transitional housing units, when available, where the families agree to participate in case management and pay housing expenses based on their income. The Case Manager works with the families to create a plan to reduce barriers and achieve goals related to employment, budgeting, and secure housing.

Help Us Move In (HUMI)

  • If your family or a family that you know are facing eviction or are needing help with move in costs to prevent homelessness please call us at 540-459-4599.  We will ask for the information found on the Intake Form.


Help Other People Eat (H.O.P.E)

  • A family-friendly emergency food pantry that is open from 9am to 4pm, Monday-Friday.

  • Call 540-459-4599 for more information.

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